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Dan Blacharski has been a professional writer for over 20 years, ever since the corporate world unceremoniously booted him out of his cubicle in 1991. He divides his time between South Bend, Indiana and Bangkok.

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  • The coming year will be an interesting one for everything tech, and it's not going to be limited to announcements from a handful of well-funded Silicon Valley insiders.

    1 year 44 weeks ago

  • The countdown to Black Friday has begun, and all of the bloggers, analysts, and observers are starting to roll out their predictions for 2013. There's a mixed bag out there, with some real visionaries hitting the mark, and some that just don't quite get it; but regardless, it's time to throw in my own two cents.

    1 year 44 weeks ago

  • Guy Kawasaki's most famous advice to developers may seem counter-intuitive, given this visionary's storied history and attention to detail, innovation and excellence.

    1 year 45 weeks ago

  • The barrier to entry for gaming developers, as is the case with much of development today, is diminishing, and this is a positive development. Particularly for lower-end but equally fun 2D games that are playable on Android or iPhones, SDKs are readily available and inexpensive, and there are ready-made venues for selling your product.

    1 year 46 weeks ago

  • Kickstarter's most talked-about blog post has put a tighter focus on just what Kickstarter is used for, and who should use it.

    1 year 48 weeks ago

  • Lower production costs for video and movies—thanks to digital video production tools—has given rise to more successful indie producers, distributors and content outlets. Many years ago, when there was black and white television and three networks, there was little choice for someone who produced content.

    1 year 49 weeks ago

  • Last year, over a million people left cable television. This year, it's estimated that 2.6 million will cut the cord. The reason for this trend is simple: The packaged, bundled model of television and movie delivery is out of date, and it doesn't fill the needs of consumers. It never has.

    1 year 49 weeks ago

  • Today’s startups are turning the traditional model of “how to” on its head. Startup entrepreneurs, particularly in the tech sector, start out by seeking advice—and that’s never a bad thing.

    1 year 50 weeks ago

  • A tech startup is different from any other type of business.

    1 year 51 weeks ago

  • Every company, large or small, wants to have new product launches like Apple. Every time Apple releases something, the anticipation is palpable, and on the first day of release there are lines snaking out of the Apple stores around the block all over the country. How do they do it?

    2 years 2 days ago

  • Forbes' columnist Liz Kammel suggested in her column recently, that you should "Start a company when you're 25—not when you're 52." As a 52-year-old founder of an Internet startup looking for seed money myself, I have to take strong exception to her piece.

    2 years 2 weeks ago

  • The emerging model for software development has come to a point where it must transcend the underlying technology. Some of the most interesting software companies never make it, because they develop useful technology but that's where they stop.

    2 years 2 weeks ago

  • Strange mornings: Imagining a conversation with Mister Coffee

    2 years 2 weeks ago

  • I remember when automobile brands were highly distinctive. If you were to see a '59 Cadillac DeVille driving down the street, there was no question that it was a Caddy. Studebaker, made right here in my hometown of South Bend, Indiana, was another classy shop, with world-class design that stood out from the pack.

    2 years 2 weeks ago

  • One of the most frustrating things for small businesses trying to raise money, has always been the SEC rules against general solicitation and advertising ("Regulation D" under the Securities Act). Want to raise money? Sure. You just can't tell anybody you're doing it.

    2 years 3 weeks ago

  • Facebook's IPO didn't go as planned, and now the share price is dropping. Wall Street is doing what it usually does in such cases. They over-react. They make a lot of noise about how the 28-year-old Zuckerberg should step aside and let a professional CEO take over.

    2 years 4 weeks ago

  • The cloud has long been a harbinger of the end of Silicon Valley, and its demise will be a welcome blessing to innovators, technologists and users everywhere.

    2 years 4 weeks ago

  • New technologies appear every day, but there are a handful of technologies—or more accurately, meta-technologies—that are changing the world. Cloud computing is one of them.

    2 years 5 weeks ago

  • Steve Wozniak, legendary co-founder of Apple Computer, doesn't seem to be quite on board with the cloud. It's never an easy thing to disagree with a legend, but on this point, he's out of touch. Wozniak has fallen into the "fallacy of direct control" trap. That is, the perception that if you can touch it, you can control it.

    2 years 5 weeks ago

  • Tech and Internet startups are some of the most unique businesses in the world, not just because of the innovative technology they create, but because of the highly unusual culture and work environment they tend to cultivate.

    2 years 5 weeks ago

  • The mobile market is a perfect example of innovation at its best. App stores, first introduced by Apple and then copied by everyone else, are only four years old—but already, they are a driving force that have created a brand new market worth billions of dollars.

    2 years 6 weeks ago

  • [chunklet] flickr/dierken

    2 years 7 weeks ago

  • Facebook is a wonderful tool for staying in touch with people you've long since forgotten about. Twitter's great for micro-messages, and LinkedIn for virtual schmoozing. Each of these platforms has continued to evolve. Let's take a look at what the next step in social media is likely to be.

    2 years 7 weeks ago

  • Microsoft has entered into the startup investment world in a big way with its Bing Fund, an angel investment fund and incubator.

    2 years 7 weeks ago

  • Smartphones have gotten smarter, and most of us carry around a richly-featured device in our shirt pockets, capable of running apps, managing contacts, recognizing voices, and giving directions. And oh yes, making telephone calls, too. I've been wondering why the mobile phone is still so much smarter than the office desk VoIP phone.

    2 years 8 weeks ago

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