Do you still design websites with non-broadband users in mind?


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Check out your site traffic figures, I'd bet a good percentage of your visitors are using mobile browsers, but I'd be surprised if you are seeing much over 1% of your site traffic from dial-up.  If you construct your site with mobile users in mind, dial-up visitors will also benefit.  It makes the most sense to me.  Google Analytics showed 0.8% of the visitors to my company's site were using dial-up.  I mean, yeah, perhaps if you are in the motorized scooter business (and I'm talking Rascal not Vespa), you might have a disproportionate number of dial-up users, but other than that, I can't see putting much effort towards it specifically.  You still have telephones, right?  Well, so do the folks using dial-up.  Obviously not everyone with dial up is a neo-luddite.  If you have a large rural customer base where broadband isn't available you might give it more consideration.  If that were the case I might also put up an HTML only version.    

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